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BBS Eurotracks is run by two track day enthusiasts, Gary and John. Their aim is to give a unique ‘true’ open pit lane experience to like-minded people.

One way or another, the two founders have been involved with either organising or attending track days in the UK and Europe over the last ten years. From their experiences they saw a gap in the market for a unique package, one that would set it apart from other track days. From this, BBS Eurotracks was created.

To achieve this unique experience, BBS Eurotracks makes sure that bookings are limited to the tracks maximum capacity at any one time, making it a more liberated and pleasant experience for everyone and setting it apart from other, restricted, track day companies.

For example, places are limited to a maximum of between 40 & 45 bikes, however, we can accomodate two riders per bike.
As well as riding on the track, BBS Eurotracks believes in the enjoyment from socialising which will be friendly and relaxed. Check out the gallery for some past photos.