almeriaThe Circuito de Almeria is a modern circuit located in Andalucia, southern Spain, near to the village of Tabernas. This dry, desert landscape is famous for being the film set of many spaghetti westerns and is host to a fast, exhilarating circuit popular with bikes and cars alike. With its large run off areas and excellent facilities, it is considered one of the four big speed circuits in Spain and hosts many races and testing sessions for some of the top teams.

The 4 km (2 miles) long circuit offers a challenging riding experience. Its undulating course takes in sixteen turns, a chicane and an exhilarating 900 meter, flat-out straight with a climb into the start-finish straight.

With its impressive off-track services, including a modern medical centre, bathrooms with showers and a cafe bar on site, together with the regions dry, temperate climate, makes Almeria a great track experience.




Circuito de Jerez is, according to motorbikes and cars drivers, one of the most attractive tracks. A good proof of this is that the Formula One Teams have had Jerez as their home testing circuit long since, which back up the quality of the facilities.

For the motorbikes riders Jerez is, together with Assen, the reference. Its 13 curves give plenty of possibilities when tuning up the machines. Its 4.423 m of length (4.428m with chicane) houses a variety of low, medium and fast speed curves, technically ideal to work the mechanics in-depth, as recognized by the top competition teams, both bikes and cars, and who have made the circuit an international reference point for testings along the year, particulary in the pre-season.



almeriaLocated in the region of Murcia on Spains southeastern, Mediterranean coast lies the historic city of Cartagena, a popular destination for holiday makers due to its dry, sunny climate. The city boasts a rich, diverse history, thanks to its strategic position on the Mediterranean, Cartagena has been inhabited by many different cultures which have left their mark on its rich cultural heritage during a glorious and turbulent history.

To the north west of the city lies the Circuito De Cartagena, an exciting 2.6 mile circuit. Popular with British and European Superbike teams for winter testing due to its challenging, undulating riding experience. This technical circuit offers riders the chance to test their ability with its 610m long uphill start-finish straight and the variety in the radius and gradients of its corners.

The track will suit both new and experienced riders with its excellent safety measures in place for the tracks championship races. Coupled with the regions year round sunshine and the circuits great facilities makes Cartagena a fantastic trackday destination.




The Circuito Guadix is located in Granada in southern Spain. The track has seen racing and testing take place since opening in 2007, with several of the British GT, BTCC and BSB teams electing Guadix for their winter testing due to its fast, sweeping curves and its 750m straight, covered with an exceptionally smooth asphalt surface.

Widely regarded as one of Europe's most suitable circuits for 1-to-1 coaching, with its wide gravel traps and run off areas, Guadix is suited to riders of all abilities. The whole circuit is visible from the pit complex with the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains, excellent for safety control, rider evaluation, and spectators.



folembrayNestled amongst an oak forest just north-east of Paris, this little-known circuit is huge fun to ride. With its mixture of long straights, fast sweeping corners and hairpin bends, it’s a very technical track which will test your riding skills to the limit.

The lap starts with an uphill climb, with the pits on your right hand side. There is a fast left/right sweeper, leading into a tighter but still very fast right/left kink. On the exit of these flowing corners, you are at the highest point of the circuit. Once round the hairpin, its downhill to the first sweeper. it is relatively easy and you have a chance to enjoy the scenery. The second kink is slightly trickier. You are aiming for a house at 100+ mph and its downhill, with high kerbs on either-side. After this, you continue downhill through the quickest part of the circuit. 2 right hand turns greet you at the bottom of the hill you have after which, brings you back on to the start/finish straight.